Would a reunion with Jordan Montgomery make sense for the Cardinals?

The Cardinals traded Jordan Montgomery for a haul at the trade deadline, but should they be looking for a reunion this winter?
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The Case For A Reunion

Montgomery has traditionally been more of a ground ball pitcher, not unlike former Cardinal Michael Wacha. The Cardinals are in desperate need of swing-and-miss pitching.

However, Montgomery has undoubtedly gotten much better in that category. This year, he is averaging eight strikeouts per nine innings pitched. Pundits also tend to harp on walks a lot, and the lefty is good in that category too, averaging just 2.4 free passes per nine innings this year.

As I mentioned in a previous piece about Wacha, Montgomery can't be the only free-agent pitcher the Cardinals target if they do decide to pursue a reunion. They'll still need to target higher-tier starters such as Aaron Nola, Blake Snell, Sonny Gray, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Lucas Giolito.

But Montgomery could be a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter and maybe even profile as a No. 2 guy if he's at his best. He won't come cheap, but he'll more than likely be an affordable option for the Cardinals, as well as someone that the organization is familiar with.