Would a reunion with Jordan Montgomery make sense for the Cardinals?

The Cardinals traded Jordan Montgomery for a haul at the trade deadline, but should they be looking for a reunion this winter?

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers
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At the trade deadline, the Cardinals shipped left-hander Jordan Montgomery off to the Rangers in exchange for Tekoah Roby, Thomas Saggese, and John King. The Cardinals had picked him up from the Yankees last year in exchange for Harrison Bader.

The 30-year-old lefty is 8-10 with an ERA of 3.46 this year in 27 starts between the Cardinals and Rangers. It's safe to say that he gave the Cardinals a little bit of everything during his time in St. Louis.

This offseason, the former Cardinal is set to enter free agency, and with three open rotation spots, it might be worth considering a reunion over the winter.

It won't be easy. Starting pitching is in high demand right now, and it's very possible that the Cardinals won't be able to accomplish all of their goals via free agency.

But that doesn't mean that a reunion wouldn't make sense. From the moment he was acquired from the Yankees to the moment he was traded, Montgomery was the Cardinals' most consistent starter. He could be trusted in games when the Cardinals desperately needed a win, and he often came through in the clutch.

Again, starting pitching will come at a high cost, whether it's in free agency or via trade, and the Cardinals are going to have to make some very tough decisions financially.

In this piece, we will explore a potential reunion with Montgomery and determine whether or not it makes sense for the Cardinals if they do decide to pursue the veteran lefty.