Who are the last 5 Cardinals to play every game in a full season?

Playing in every single game of a major league season is one of the rarest feats a player can ever accomplish.
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Bill White, 1963

White was another member of that '64 championship team who in the season before that, played in all 162 games for the Redbirds.

The Cardinals took a risk trading for White in 1959, a young first baseman with limited experience after missing an entire season due to his service in the military. They traded their ace at the time, Sam Jones to the New York Giants in the deal, but it turned out to be another trade pulled off by Devine that set the cornerstone of what would become a championship ball club. White would be a big part of that, as he instantly became an All-Star player in St. Louis.

In all of his first three seasons with the Cardinals White was a two-time All-Star back when they would play two All-Star games in a season, and was an All-Star again in 1963. In the season where White did not miss a game, he had career highs in hits (200), extra bases (61), RBI (109), and Slugging percentage (.491), on top of that he won his 4th straight gold glove.