Cardinals' 5 all-time best first basemen in franchise history

Paul Goldschmidt
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#5 Bill White

Somehow, Bill White is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame but was inducted by the Red Ribbon Committee in the Cardinals Hall of Fame in 2020.

White was a Cardinal from 1959-65 and returned for one more season in 1969. He was an All-Star in 1959-61 and 1963-64. He won the Gold Glove at first base for six consecutive seasons, including 1960-65 with the Cardinals. He played 8,146.1 innings for the Cardinals at first base. He had 610 assists and 750 double plays. He was a big part of the Cardinals' 1964 World Series championship.

White had an 18-year career as a broadcaster for the New York Yankees. He assisted on World Series broadcasts on CBS Radio. He worked on ABC's Monday Night Baseball broadcasts. He helped broadcast the Winter Olympics in 1980 and 84.

He became National League president in 1989, replacing Bart Giamatti when he became Commissioner that year. White served in the position through 1994.

It would be great to see him be more active with the Cardinals alumni just to hear some of his stories.