What each Cardinal pitcher has to prove during the final stretch

Every Cardinal still has something to play for, even though the team is on the brink of elimination. Today, we'll break down what each member of the pitching staff must prove over the final weeks of the season!
Thompson faces off against the Cincinnati Reds
Thompson faces off against the Cincinnati Reds / Aaron Doster/GettyImages
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JoJo Romero

JoJo Romero has had one heck of a 2023 season. After being acquired in a low-profile deal at the 2022 trade deadline, Romero secured a spot in the bullpen this season. Seen as a depth arm just several months ago, Romero briefly occupied the closer role before going down with an injury in early September. His ascension to relevance is critical for a Cardinals team that is actively searching for capable relievers. Romero will likely enter 2024 as the team's top lefty. He has an outside shot at closing games, though the presence of Helsley likely relegates Romero to a supporting role.

Romero doesn't have much to prove in 2023, even if he returns before the end of the season. In the event that he does pitch again, he just has to continue doing what he's been doing. He's already proven to Cardinals fans that he was a steal at the deadline, and now he's proving that he's capable of occupying a high-leverage role. Entering 2024, he will be expected to produce high-quality innings. It's truly been remarkable to watch!