Three prospects for the Cardinals to trade before the trade deadline

While it is easy to look at the major league roster and find tradeable players, there are still plenty of minor leaguers available to move.
St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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A lot of (virtual) ink has been spilled about the St. Louis Cardinals and their trade deadline decisions that are looming. Josh Jacobs took to Twitter most recently to explore various trade packages.

Most of the trade packages being discussed are centered around major league players that will be moved off the roster. However, not many minor leaguers have been discussed as centerpieces in trade packages. My goal today is to identify three minor league players who could be moved for one reason or another.

Keep all of these trade ideas in a vacuum; one may happen in conjunction with another, one player may be included in a package with a major league player, or the trades may not happen at all. That's the glory of the trade deadline and the speculation associated with it: we never know what will happen in the end.

These three players could be traded for a variety of reasons. They could be blocked at the major league level, there is a better prospect behind them that's rising quickly, they are out of options, or they could use a change of scenery altogether. Hopefully, at least one of these trades fills a hole that the Cardinals currently have or will have in the near future.

Three prospects who the Cardinals can move at the trade deadline