Three moves the Cardinals should have made this offseason

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These three moves this offseason would have been huge moves for the Cardinals

While it's encouraging to see that the Cardinals are starting to heat up and have erased five games off their NL Central deficit, there are still some glaring issues. The offense is looking great, but the starting rotation remains a problem.

This is something that was obvious at the onset of the offseason after the Cardinals lost to the Phillies in the Wild Card Series. Yet the front office failed to act and let all the good starting pitchers sign elsewhere, instead choosing to settle with just one offseason move. It got so bad that it reached the point where the Cardinals were seemingly throwing their new acquisition, Willson Contreras under the bus and scapegoating him for the struggles of the starting rotation.

As such, the Cardinals are still 21-28. And while they're only five games back of first place and 4.5 in the Wild Card race, they still have miles to go before they even get to .500. The Cardinals are fortunate that the NL Central is easily the weakest division in all of baseball, with the Pirates and Brewers being tied at the top with a 25-22 record. If this was the AL East, they would be dead in the water.

In this story, we'll break down and discuss three moves the Cardinals should have made this offseason in order to strengthen their roster. Keep in mind that all players listed will be starting pitchers, as that is the issue that is plaguing the team as it has in years past.