Can the St. Louis Cardinals still win the National League Central?

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox
St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox / Gaelen Morse/GettyImages
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Just a week ago, many were writing off the Cardinals' 2023 season. Now, they look like a team who could win their division

It's safe to say that the St. Louis Cardinals are coming off of their best week of baseball all season. The club has won six of their last seven games, and there is a whole new energy surrounding the club.

Many wrote off the Cardinals as recently as May 6th, when the club fell to 10-24 and looked completely lost in all facets of the game. They had just made the crazy move to remove Willson Contreras from being their primary catcher, and it seemed like hope was lost on a turnaround for the club.

All week long though, the Cardinals showed fight and determination. They played much better baseball than they had been all season, especially when it came to producing runs. Any time they fell behind in a game, you had the confidence that they could come back in a hurry and win the game.

If you're thinking to yourself "It was just one week, are we really going to write off the first 34 games of the season?", that is completely fair to say. The club still has major flaws when it comes to pitching, and the whole they dug themselves will not be easy to climb out of.

But for those who are starting to believe they could still win the National League Central, you have good reason to.

Here are three reasons why the Cardinals have a legit shot to win the National League Central after their recent turnaround.