The St. Louis Cardinals offseason summarized in 7 quotes

In a career-defining offseason for a number of staff members and players, quality quotes abound. These 7 defined the offseason the most.

Feb 19, 2024; Jupiter, FL, USA; St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol (37) talks to reporters at
Feb 19, 2024; Jupiter, FL, USA; St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol (37) talks to reporters at / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
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"It's likely there will be a direct-to-consumer product that emerges where anybody that doesn't have access to games now would be able to buy a monthly package and get direct streaming in-market." - Bill DeWitt III

For over a year, several teams across MLB, NBA, and NHL have been left high and dry regarding their TV rights. Diamond Sports Group (DSG), the parent company to Bally Sports, filed for bankruptcy in March 2023. From that moment on, teams including the St. Louis Cardinals began finding alternative plans for broadcasting their games.

Major League Baseball helped the Arizona Diamondbacks last year with broadcasting, but the climate has changed this year. Teams have largely been left to their own devices to find ways to broadcast games in 2025 and even some here in 2024.

While the mystery surrounding broadcasting games has been put on the back burner in recent months, it's a major point of concern for certain mid-market teams. The Cardinals receive a lot of funding from their TV deal; without guaranteed funds coming in, the organization must spend differently. Fans got a taste of that this offseason when the budget was frozen around $200 million.

Bill DeWitt III posited creating a direct-to-consumer product in which fans can buy a subscription for a set dollar amount to watch all games throughout the year. National broadcasts would be blacked out in this instance.

For comparison, the Arizona Diamondbacks released their own TV subscription plan. Fans can purchase a whole-year package for $99.99 or pay a monthly fee of $19.99. This is a preview of what could be on the horizon for all teams.

The Cardinals have a loyal and national fanbase. With a direct-to-consumer streaming service, fans across the world can watch their favorite team play on a nightly basis. This situation is still very fluid, but ownership seems optimistic that games will be broadcast easily in 2025 and beyond one way or another.