The St. Louis Cardinals are reportedly interested in these 3 starting pitchers

We are finally getting an idea of what starting pitchers the Cardinals may target, and they will come at varying costs
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The St. Louis Cardinals have already pronounced themselves as a team looking ahead to 2024, according to President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak.

Here is what that doesn't mean. The Cardinals are not going to trade their superstar duo of Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado, no matter how many photoshops we see of Arenado in Yankees jerseys on Twitter. I cannot wait for that to end.

It also does not mean the Cardinals are going to "blow up" the rest of this roster. This is not a rebuild, it's a retool with the expectation that they will be ready to compete with the rest of the National League in 2024.

Honestly, it's not only a precursor to this coming offseason, it's also a reaction to misteps from this last offseason.

Sean Murphy, and to a lesser extent, Pablo Lopez, were two names that the Cardinals really should have pooled their assets together to acquire this last offseason. In the moment, I got their hesitancy. They'd already been burned by trading away guys before they really "knew" what they were. Willson Contreras was sitting there in free agency, they technically already have a five-man rotation for 2023. Might as well hold onto their assets and see what they have, right?

Well, 2023 has been about as bad as it could have been. Now the Cardinals are licking their wounds, but need to quickly turn to the "offensive" when it comes to this deadline. This includes not just "selling" on their impending free agents, but also looking to "buy" arms with control beyond this season.

Over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Derrick Goold revealed some names of starters that are reportedly in the crosshairs of the Cardinals' front office. Each will come at a varying price, but all three could help the 2024 club out in a big way.

Here are three starting pitchers the Cardinals are looking at acquiring