Remember the name of Cardinals prospect Darlin Saladin

If there was one under-the-radar prospect in the Cardinals' organization you should be keeping your eye on, it is Darlin Saladin.
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Secondary Pitches

Saladin's secondary stuff leaves something to be desired at the moment. His changeup is his best secondary, and he throws it 22% of the time against lefties. The movement profile isn't special, but he tunnels his fastball well off it, and his pitch command is solid. He zones the pitch 50.9% of the time, often locating the pitch low and away from lefties (Data: TruMedia).

Much like his fastball, the pitch induces a ton of chase, racking up a 37% chase rate. Left-handed hitters are whiffing 36.4% of the time against the offering.

Saladin's go-to secondary against righties (23.8% usage) is his slider. Baseball Savant classifies the pitch as both a slider and curveball, but the movement profile is pretty much the same. The offering grades out poorly stuff-wise, and the command of it is not great either. Saladin is zoning the pitch 40% of the time. He often misses location far outside to his glove side (Data: TruMedia).

The offering averages only 81.5 mph with 0.7" IVB and minimal sweep (gyro-slider). At that velocity, I seriously question the viability of the pitch, and it has been his worst-performing offering.


Although Saladin's secondary stuff is a work in progress, I am enarmed by his fastball, which gives him a solid foundation to build off of. Saladin has produced throughout his young professional career, and in 21 innings pitched this year for Palm Beach, he has a 3.00 ERA while striking out 27.4% of batters and only walking 6% of hitters. Darlin Saladin is a fascinating 21-year-old right-handed pitcher, and you will learn to remember the name.