The Cardinals need to claim Lucas Giolito off of waivers, try out for 2024 rotation

Lucas Giolito is now on waivers and can be claimed by any team, presenting the Cardinals with a unique opportunity to solve some of their 2024 rotation issues

Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

There are moments during the second or third act of a movie when the main character is out of options, all hope seems lost, and their story looks to be over. Then something crazy happens, something they probably didn't deserve, and it completely changes the trajectory of their story.

Enter Lucas Giolito for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals need pitching this offseason and bad. One of those starters they are consistently linked to is Lucas Giolito. Guess what? In an almost unprecedented move, the Los Angeles Angels have placed Giolito a various impending free agents on waivers to be claimed by any team that wants them.

I'm not really a Lucas Giolito guy myself, but this is a no-brainer for the Cardinals. All they have to do is pay whatever salary is owed to him for the remained of the season (he was owed $10 million total this year so it's the last month of that salary) and that's all they have to do. No trades, no prospects given up, it's an opportunity that never comes with a player of Giolito's caliber.

Before being traded from the Chicago White Sox, Giolito had a 3.79 ERA in 21 starts, but after being shipped out to Anaheim and the mess that team became after their trades, his ERA ballooned to 6.89 and he just did not look like himself. Still, he projects to be one of the best arms available this winter, so why not see what he can do and get to know him as a player for the month of September?

If things go poorly, who cares? He's a free agent, and you now know that he's not the best option for your rotation next year. If it goes great, you still have to compete with other teams in free agency, but you now have a leg up in terms of internal evaluations, and who knows, maybe Giolito would want to be incentivized to sign with St. Louis for next year and beyond anyway.


The Cardinals should be 5th in the waiver order right now, behind just the Athletics, Royals, White Sox, and Rockies. Sure, one of those teams could make a claim, but honestly, there's a good chance the Cardinals get a shot to bring in Giolito or any of the other names the Angels are putting on waivers. Matt Moore and Reynaldo Lopez are interesting names as well if the Cardinals want to try out some relievers for next year.