The biggest red flags with each of the Cardinals' starting pitching targets

The starting pitchers that look to be available this offseason come with a lot of question marks
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Tyler Glasnow: Injury history

Tyler Glasnow is another guy who I have beat the drum on for a long time, and I'm not sure will actually be available this offseason. But based on how the Rays do their business, I think it's very likely.

Glasnow was signed to a two-year extension before the season, making $5 million this year and $25 million in 2024. If the Rays were to keep him on their books next season, he'd likely account for close to 33% of their salary commitments. That is a huge investment for a guy who has an injury history and a club that has to be frugal with how it spends its money.

My guess is the Rays will cash in on his value, get assets in return, and use that extra salary space to improve the club elsewhere. Should they choose to do so, the Cardinals are the perfect team to take on Glasnow and the risk associated with him.


When Glasnow is healthy, he has some of the best stuff in the game. He started this season on the IL but has since made 19 starts to the tune of a 3.53 ERA while striking out 12 batters per 9 innings.

While someone like Cease or Logan Gilbert will require multiple high-level assets to acquire, Glasnow's injury history, large salary for 2024, and ability to hit free agency after the season will drop his value significantly.