Statistical milestones that are within reach for Cardinals players in 2024

These St. Louis Cardinals have a variety of career milestones in their sights for 2024. Will they reach them or fall just short?

St. Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals
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There are certain milestones and records that won't be touched in professional baseball. A .400 batting average feels unachievable now; 4,000 career hits is unmatched, and a 30-win season isn't feasible with restraints on pitchers nowadays.

However, there are certain individual milestones that will stand the test of time. Each player who reaches the highest level of professional baseball yearns to see round numbers on certain statistics; 300 career stolen bases, 150 wins as a pitcher, 400 career home runs, and even 2,000 career hits are all noteworthy statistics that individual players desire to reach.

The St. Louis Cardinals have a handful of players who could achieve personal statistical milestones for their careers this year. Some are pitchers who could see round number win totals, others are hitters who may hit some personal milestones as well.

Sonny Gray: 100 career wins

While the win as a statistic for a pitcher has dwindled in value over the years, it's still a key stat that pitchers can look to for their success in a given game. Sonny Gray, the team's new ace, is sitting at 98 career wins. It is quite likely he will reach the 100-win mark by the end of April, and if he doesn't reach that total by the All-Star break, something has gone terribly wrong for the Cardinals in 2024.

Willson Contreras: 150 career home runs

Willson Contreras has been one of the best offensive catchers since his induction to the league in 2016. He regularly finds himself at the top of various lists for catchers in offensive categories. One such facet of the game that he has done well in would be hitting the long ball. Up to this point in his career, Contreras has slugged 137 home runs. While 150 home runs pales in comparison to other totals, it is still a great achievement for any player. It is a testament to a hitter's power, his consistency, and his durability. Barring an extreme injury, Contreras will reach the 150-home run mark in 2024.

Nolan Arenado: 350 home runs

Oddsmakers have made it seem likely that Nolan Arenado will reach the 350-home run mark this season. He is sitting at 325 home runs for his career, and he hit 26 last year in only 612 at-bats. The last time he didn't hit 25 home runs in his career (excluding 2020) was in 2014, his sophomore season. Arenado should reach this prestigious milestone next year.

Lance Lynn: 2,000 strikeouts

Lance Lynn is coming back to St. Louis to pitch deep into games, provide veteran leadership, and light a fire under the players in the clubhouse. Additionally, Lynn brings a high strikeout rate to the Cardinals' rotation, something that has been lacking these past few years. Presently, Lance Lynn has 1,906 strikeouts in his career. He needs only 94 more strikeouts to reach 2,000 strikeouts, and he has surpassed that mark in every season except his rookie season where he pitched only 34.2 innings. Lynn should reach this milestone this upcoming season.

Paul Goldschmidt: 350 home runs, 2,000 hits, and .300 career average

Paul Goldschmidt's Hall of Fame resume lengthens each year he plays. He has an MVP award, 4 Gold Glove designations, 5 Silver Slugger Awards, and he is a 7-time All-Star. In addition to these accolades, you'll find Goldschmidt's career is nearing some remarkable milestones. Goldy is only 10 home runs away from 350 and 91 hits away from 2,000 hits; both seem likely events to occur.

The one milestone that Goldschmidt won't reach next year (but appears to be close to) is having a .300 career average. He is sitting at .293 for his career. Goldschmidt has averaged 563 at-bats per season, excluding his rookie year and the 2020 season. If he has around 563 at-bats next year, he would need around 215 hits in those at-bats to reach a career .300 average (for what it's worth, 215 hits in 563 at-bats is a .381 batting average). That's not happening. If he maintains a batting average of .305-.310 for the rest of his career, he could possibly reach the prestigious batting average mark.