St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer wants to become a manager

This former MLB player and Cardinals redjacket stepped away from his coaching debut opportunity in 2023. It appears 2024 is now his chance.
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Former outfielder and St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Matt Holliday was lined up to replace Skip Schumaker in 2023 as the team’s bench coach. But he backed out before the season started because he wanted to spend more time with his boys who are all playing baseball competitively. But with the recent breakout of his oldest son Jackson Holiday, maybe the clock is ticking faster than anticipated.

According to USA Today national beat writer Bob Nightengale, Matt Holliday has indicated to friends and family that he would like to become a manager soon within MLB. The current Oklahoma State Cowboys assistant coach has shown interest in the past to manage and seems to not have lost the desire for it. Holliday has been known as a veteran leader in the clubhouse and young stars gravitate towards him for guidance. 

Could this decision be caused by the emergence of stardom from his son Jackson? It most certainly has Holliday thinking about being with his son through his journey in the show. But what team fits as a candidate for Holliday? The Yankees seem to be self-imploding and might see Aaron Boone on his way out soon. His previous veteran role on the 2017 ALCS run carries its weight. The Rockies would love to have him return in any coaching role. But does Holliday want to be around for constant rebuilding? The Cardinals will be rotating staff after the 2024 season, as John Mozeliak’s contract will be coming to an end. The potential for an organization clean slate is a possibility and , maybe Matt Holliday is near the top of the want list for the DeWitt family.