St. Louis Cardinals 2023 team award winners

Which players for the St. Louis Cardinals have been performing their best this season?
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Gold Glove (Best Defender) - Tommy Edman

The Gold Glove award emulates a lot of positive qualities in a baseball player: speed, grit, athleticism, and durability. A player must be able to move well, work hard, and play often to win this award. Tommy Edman embodies each of those qualities well. His ability to play multiple positions with competence strengthens his case for the team Gold Glove Award in 2023.

At the beginning of 2023, it was expected that Edman would get the bulk of his workload at shortstop. With the emergence of Nolan Gorman, a glut of outfielders vying for time, and a raw Masyn Winn in the minors, Edman had shortstop all to himself. However, fate had a different plan. Due to injuries, Edman was thrust into the outfield, most frequently at center field, a position he was wholly unfamiliar with.

Edman ended up thriving in the middle of the grass. In 301 innings in center, Edman was able to accumulate 5 Outs Above Average (OAA). He racked up 4 OAA in just over 350 innings at shortstop, and he was even able to get 1 OAA in 44 innings in right field. Despite a negative OAA at second base, Edman was still able to provide a strong positive output defensively in 2023.

Edman's versatility and skill at four major positions on the field place him as the team's best fielder in 2023. Hopefully, he's able to settle in at one position next year and get comfortable.