Ryan Fernandez credits Oli Marmol for turning around the Cardinals' season

Fernandez was on MLB Radio this weekend and discussed how Marmol sparked the Cardinals' month of May
St. Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Ryan Fernandez was on MLB Network Radio yesterday and claimed that the Cardinals' recent hot streak started back on May 12th in Milwaukee. At that time, the Cardinals had lost seven straight games and were dead last in the NL Central. The morale of both the team and the St. Louis fanbase was poor

Manager Oliver Marmol's frustration boiled over after two successful replay challenges at first base. With the weight of the seven-game losing streak on their shoulders and facing the possibility of a four-game sweep at Milwaukee, Marmol, and bench coach Daniel Descalso were ejected by home plate umpire Alan Porter.

According to Fernandez, Marmol's ejection sparked the rudderless Cardinals. Starting on May 12th, St. Louis won twelve of their last eighteen games. Tonight, Marmol and the Cardinals enter the final game of a three-game series against the MLB-best Philadelphia Phillies. 

""You know, I think maybe the ejection had something to do with it. I think, maybe, it kind of made the team feel like our coach had our backs no matter what and kind of lit a fire under our butts. I don't think necessarily we didn't have a fire lit under us, but it kind of was an electric moment in the series. So, it was really cool to see, like, the team turn around, and finally, we started clicking together at the same time, the hitters and the pitchers.""

Ryan Fernandez

Fernandez's comments directly relate to what Oliver Marmol said after that fateful win in Milwaukee. He stated on record that his ejection was to fire up the team and generate a spark. 

So, for everyone who continues to think that Marmol is going to get fired, you can put those thoughts to rest for the time being. This team continues to believe in the coaching staff and Oliver Marmol. 

But the Cardinals players need to accomplish one task to truly show their commitment to Marmol throughout the rest of the season.