Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' uniforms now that their City Connect has dropped

With the release of the Cardinals' City Connect Uniforms, the team now has a total of 5 jersey sets. Which is the best?
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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4. City Connects

As I previously stated, I love unique uniforms. The City Connect jerseys are much better than I anticipated, but I do think they could've been better.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed the new City Connect jerseys compliments of Nike. There are plenty of unique elements that fit the city perfectly. While the front of the jersey is obnoxious for three reasons -- it's bland (fitting for the state of the franchise at the moment), it has an annoying slogan, and it's not bold enough -- the rest of the uniform is well designed.

The jersey features river pinstripes -- which could be slightly larger in my mind -- as references to the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. The Gateway Arch and Fluer-de-lis are prominently featured on a patch. The franchise's founding year, 1882, can be found on the inside collar of the uniform. The font on the hat is a throwback to 1920-1921 logos.

Since the retirement of the spring training red jerseys, there has been a gap in the team's primary color. The red jerseys pair nicely with white pants, and now the organization's primary red returns to the field. The hats are simple with "STL" displayed on the front. The font, once again, is a revival of the 1920-1921 season jersey lettering.

If the logo on the front of the jersey were even slightly more bold, the Cardinals' City Connect jerseys would vault to the top of this list in my mind. There are plenty of reasons to tout these jerseys, but the most important part of the jersey, the front, has room for improvement.

While the uniforms could use a little more flash, particularly on the chest, it's a wonderful homage to the history of the city and franchise. The Cardinals will debut these against their divisional rivals, the Chicago Cubs, on Friday May 24th at home. They are available online for purchase throughout the year.