Ranking positional groups for the St. Louis Cardinals

Which group of players is the strongest for the 2024 St. Louis Cardinals?

Sep 23, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (46)
Sep 23, 2023; San Diego, California, USA; St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (46) / Ray Acevedo-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Infielders/catcher

This was the obvious choice for the best positional group on the team. Cornerstone players Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado are ever reliable, and Willson Contreras seemed to have tapped into something toward the end of last season. These three All-Stars provide a strong floor for the infielders.

The ceiling of this group depends primarily on the success of its young players: Masyn Winn, Nolan Gorman, and Brendan Donovan. If Gorman and Donovan can continue to ascend, and if Masyn Winn can prove he belongs in the majors, the Cardinals' infield will rival those of the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Last year, this collection of players accumulated 15.7 fWAR as a group. With a full season of health from these players and a continued rise in performance for the team's second base tandem, it's likely that fWAR total is surpassed in 2024.

Given the shaky rotation, unproven outfield, and revamped bullpen, the infielders must carry this team. The defensive ceiling is high for these players; Arenado and Goldschmidt have plenty of Gold Gloves of their own, Brendan Donovan won a Gold Glove last year, and Masyn Winn was recognized throughout the minors for his defensive abilities.

With a soft rotation, a rebuilt bullpen, and an outfield with some question marks, the infielders will have to do the bulk of the work for the team once again in 2024. While that may be a tall ask of one positional group, these individuals should be able to answer the call next year.