Oli Marmol the lone incumbent coach for a St. Louis sports team

With the recent firing of St. Louis City's coach, Bradley Carnell, Oliver Marmol remains the last incumbent manager among St. Louis sports teams.
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The professional sports in St. Louis have always been strong. The Rams drew massive crowds to the Dome in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the St. Louis Blues have had some of the greatest players play for them including Brett Hull, Bernie Federko, and Wayne Gretzky, and the St. Louis Cardinals stand with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago Cubs as some of the greatest baseball franchises in North America.

To be a coach or manager for a St. Louis team is a desire of many coaches throughout the country. When the city received a much-deserved soccer franchise, coaches across the country sought the opportunity to coach in a soccer city like St. Louis.

Coming into each team's respective season in 2023-2024, the coaches of St. Louis sports teams were all incumbent individuals. Craig Berube was coming back for his 6th season with the Blues, Bradley Carnell was hoping for a repeat first-place finish in the conference for St. Louis City, and Oliver Marmol was hoping to regain the trust and confidence of fans and management in his 3rd year with the Cardinals.

While the Blues hadn't seen the playoffs in 2 years, Berube's track record -- which included a Stanley Cup victory in 2019 -- made him a strong candidate to retain his position so long as the team saw success. Carnell led City to a first-place finish in the conference in the franchise's inaugural season, so hopes were high for the soccer club.

Prior to the season, Marmol seemed to be the coach who was most likely to be fired after a 71-91 season in 2023. He was most definitely on the hot seat even after his contract extension, and his team's performance was being observed very closely. Instead, Marmol is the lone manager remaining of the three.

Craig Berube was fired after the Blues started the season with a 13-14 record, and Bradley Carnell was recently relieved of his coaching duties due to City's 3-7-10 record and 12th-place spot in the Western Conference.

Conversely, Oliver Marmol has been able to lead the Cardinals to a record that is much improved from last year and entrench them firmly in the playoff discussion. To the surprise of many in St. Louis, Oliver Marmol remains the last man standing amongst coaches in St. Louis.