Grading the Cardinals' 2023 trade deadline based on their stated goals

The Cardinals moved quite a few players at this year's deadline. Let's grade the deadline as a whole based on John Mozeliak's stated goals.
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Overall Trade Deadline Grade: B

The Cardinals accomplished what they set out to do this deadline: get pitching, particularly strikeout pitching, and build up the farm system. Both of those goals were accomplished handily. However, the team may have fallen a bit short at the deadline.

Had John Mozeliak netted one or more top 100 prospects, this grade would be much better. Despite the lack of high-end talent, the team did acquire strong prospects with the potential of being in the middle of the rotation down the road and players who can be strong utility players on the field.

I don't think the 2024 roster revamp is close to done just yet. Through deadline conversations, Mozeliak and Co. were able to gather plenty of information on the prospects and players of other organizations. During the offseason, the front office can use this information to possibly trade off players such as Tommy Edman, Dylan Carlson, Tyler O'Neill, or a catcher (Andrew Knizner or Ivan Herrera). Getting a controllable, top-of-the-rotation starter for one of more of these players would complete an otherwise strong deadline retool.


In addition to a trade for a strong rotation piece, hopefully the front office is willing to sign one of the free agent starting pitchers this offseason. A rotation of Miles Mikolas, Steven Matz, one of Matthew Liberatore/Gordon Graceffo/Michael McGreevy, a player who is traded for, and a free agent should be strong enough to lead the team next year. This year's trade deadline, an offseason trade, and an offseason pitching acquisition will be a strong retool for a team looking to compete in 2024 and beyond.

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