Five ways the Cardinals can handle their middle infield logjam

Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals
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4. Trade Tommy Edman or Brendan Donovan

Trading Edman or Donovan could also be the route that the Cardinals take in order to make room for the middle infield. This would most likely result in DeJong taking the SS role for the rest of the season and possibly being traded or moved to 2B after this season is over to make room for Winn.

Donovan or Edman would most likely be packaged with O'Neill or Carlson if they were traded for a pitcher, which the Cardinals desperately need. The most likely option to get traded is Donovan, as Edman provides the same utility and has shown to be the better bat this season.

Donovan and Edman's value is really high due to their utility in the field, but of course, that is what the Cardinals will lose if they are given away. Edman and Donovan have played practically everywhere this season, with the number of injuries that the Cardinals have faced in the OF, and have not shown any issues in playing these positions so far this year.