Five trade deadline candidates that can give the St Louis Cardinals their ace in the hole

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Aaron Nola

The Phillies just won the NL Pennant….why would they trade Aaron Nola? Let's talk about it.

The NL East is the toughest division in baseball by far. The Mets have retooled, the Braves are maturing and are getting more dangerous, and the two Wild Card spots can go to anyone which makes it harder for Philly to squeeze their way in again. Bryce Harper is out possibly until the All-Star break, Trea Turner is going to be adjusting to a new team, and Nicholas Casteanllos has much to prove to provide depth to the lineup.

The Phillies are expected to be a powerhouse in 2023, but the worst-case scenario is: what happens if they fall apart? Are they willing to sign Aaron Nola to an extension? Or will they trade him at the deadline in hopes to sign him back in the offseason? The Cardinals can offer a nice package to entice the Phillies and give the Cardinals the ace they have been looking for going into October.

Trade Proposal: Dylan Carlson, Joshua Baez, and Luken Baker for Aaron Nola

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