Don't let the Cardinals off the hook, they have plenty of money to spend

Cincinnati Reds v St Louis Cardinals
Cincinnati Reds v St Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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The St. Louis Cardinals came into last offseason with the goal to increase payroll and make major additions at catcher and any other positions they could. That is where the infamous quote from President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak arose at the end of the season press conference

"“I think the good news is we anticipate our payroll going up next year. I know it will. Obviously, we had a lot of success at the game this year. So thank our fans for that. I definitely know that our payroll will go up.”"

John Mozeliak

While fans and media have pointed out that the Cardinals could have done a lot more in the offseason, they were met with this response from Mozeliak in January, one that I think has a lot of wisdom in it, but also shows an overall failure from the organization.

"“We did have an opportunity to increase payroll, which it will be higher than what we played at last year. So that’s fact number one. And number two, just because you have resources, you aren’t going to just go spend it wildly on something that doesn’t make sense."

John Mozeliak

Yes and amen. The Cardinals have gotten into too many bad deals in recent years where just because they spent money does not mean it was a wise choice at all. I agree with Mozeliak that spending money for spending's sake is not wise. But I also believe it is very clear that the Cardinals will have plenty of resources this next offseason, and no one will be feeling sorry for them if they say "Well, we didn't like the options and their price" when next spring rolls around.

The Cardinals will have plenty of money to spend this next year, and they must find the right deals and do so.