10 worst moves by St. Louis Cardinals John Mozeliak's front office since 2015

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There have been some pretty big mistakes made by John Mozeliak and the Cardinals' front office over the last eight seasons

The St. Louis Cardinals' President of Baseball Operations, John Mozeliak, is one of the most accomplished executives in all of baseball. There's no mistake about it.

The Cardinals have the third most wins in baseball since Mozeliak became the club's General Manager prior to the 2008 season, have won a World Series, six division titles, and made it to the National League Championship series four times, advancing to the World Series twice.

Still, many would argue there have been opportunities to win even more than they have, and I don't know if Mozeliak would disagree with that sentiment. When you're a club with the history and pedigree of the Cardinals', your bar for success is much higher than most.

Every single baseball executive makes bad moves. It's comes with the territory of running a team. If anyone one of us took control of baseball operations today, we'd hopefully make some good moves, but we would certaintly make a lot of poor choices. What marks a good baseball executive is their ability to minimze mistakes and maximize on opportunites. Mozeliak has done that among the best in baseball.

Yet, in recent seasons, there have become more and more oppporunities to look at the Cardinals' front office decisions and question moves they have made. Whether it was a poor investment in free agency, a big swing trade that let go of talent that would go on to be elite somewhere else, or giving up on the wrong young players, the John Mozeliak and the rest of the front office have made some significant mistakes in recent years.

We'll spend some time another day looking at some incredible moves the front office has made in recent years, but today let's look at the ten worst moves the Cardinals have made since 2015 under John Mozeliak's leadership.