Could the Dodgers or Orioles give the Cardinals a Ryan Helsley offer they can't refuse?

Ryan Helsley remains an interesting trade piece for the Cardinals this year. If they decide to sell, could the Dodgers or Orioles give them an offer they can't refuse?
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Despite what John Mozeliak says, I remain convinced that the best path forward for the Cardinals is to sell at the trade deadline. I'm sure people are tired of hearing it, but when you look at this team, realistically, it's not a playoff team.

The only reason the Cardinals have a shot is because the National League is incredibly mediocre.

Many times this year, Ryan Helsley has been listed as a trade candidate for the Cardinals and somebody who could get them a pretty hefty return. Despite Tuesday night's hiccup, he has an ERA of 2.79 and leads all of baseball with 21 saves.

He's struggled a bit lately, but Jim Bowden of The Athletic believes the Cardinals could get a haul for him, and he listed the Dodgers and Orioles as potential partners.

Could Dodgers and Orioles make an offer for Helsley Cardinals can't refuse?

Of course, the Cardinals consider themselves buyers at the moment, so it would take a huge package to part ways with Helsley. But it is possible.

The Orioles have the top farm system in all of baseball, while the Dodgers have the No. 8 farm system. So naturally, there are going to be a lot of prospects the Cardinals can choose from if they want a serious haul.

I could see them possibly being able to grab Heston Kjerstad from the Orioles. The Orioles also have Chayce McDermott and Cade Povich on the pitching side. McDermott is expected to be ready this year, and Povich has already tasted the Major Leagues. Both can be plugged right into the farm system and be called up if an injury takes place.

If the Cardinals really want pitching though, I'm more inclined to believe that the Dodgers have a better selection. They've got Nick Frasso and Kyle Hurt in Triple-A who are expected to be ready soon, and there are also guys like Gavin Stone and Michael Grove who could be added to the rotation or bullpen instantly. Maybe even Emmet Sheehan could be added to bolster the system for 2025 and beyond.

Unfortunately, my thoughts are that Bobby Miller is unlikely. I feel like the Dodgers value him too much just to trade him, even for the MLB saves leader. It's always possible, but I just don't think it's likely.

Still, the Dodgers have guys that could help the Cardinals, and I personally like what they have in their system as it pertains to restocking the farm for the Cardinals. For the Orioles to really blow the Cardinals away on the pitching front, they might have to include Grayson Rodriguez. I also don't see that happening.

We'll have to see how things play out. But even with Mozeliak wanting to buy, I get the sense that soon, the Cardinals will have to shift their focus to selling.