Chaim Bloom is a good hire for St. Louis Cardinals

It is about time the St. Louis Cardinals finally get an outside perspective. 
Chaim Bloom
Chaim Bloom / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

It is about time the St. Louis Cardinals finally get an outside perspective. 

The Cardinals announced Monday they have hired Chaim Bloom as an advisor to the president of baseball operations. After several years of having the same voices from within the organization - Michael Girsch, Randy Flores, and Oli Marmol - provide advice to Mozeliak, it will be refreshing to see what happens when he gets a fresh set of eyes on the team. 

During his time with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox, he has developed an array of skills in baseball operations. Bloom's background will benefit the Cardinals, who desperately needed an outside perspective after a disastrous 2023 season in which the team concluded with a 71-91 record. 

Bloom coming to St. Louis to help Mozeliak has been discussed since the November General Manager's meeting. 

After several seasons of the Cardinals seemingly following the same path that primarily considers internal options, it will be nice to see what a fresh set of eyes can provide for the organization. The Cardinals have become stagnant in their efforts to do as they always have and promote from within.  

The lack of perspective outside a Cardinals lens became glaringly troublesome in 2023. The Cardinals needed to improve to be successful going into the 2022 offseason. Mozeliak insisted that things would be fine and that he would be successful, hoping for the best from their internal pitching options. With an aging pitching staff paired with pitchers coming off injuries or not meeting the minor leagues' expectations, it was obvious to fans that pitching would be needed for success in 2023. 

Mozeliak only admitted to the error in judgment just before the trade deadline, saying that pitching should have been a priority. Mozeliak should have made changes to fix this pitching issue immediately. He made changes at the trade deadline, focusing on 2024 and beyond. He was able to trade pending free agents for several prospects. This was great but made a disappointing season worse with a lack of urgency for now. 

It's not to say that having Bloom in the fold would have prevented this immediately. However, having an outside source like Bloom could have allowed Mozeliak to see the urgent need for pitching rather than his staff's complacency in following Mozeliak's plan. Mozeliak has yet to seem to have much pushback on his plans, opting for a whatever-you-say-boss mentality. After 2023, that mindset should not be tolerated. He needs pushback when things need apparent attention. 

Having Chaim Bloom join the Cardinals baseball operations staff could be just the move in the right direction the team needs moving forward from a season they should never repeat.