Cardinals: With Adam Wainwright returning, who goes?

Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

The Cardinals are about to have another reinforcement join the pitching staff in Adam Wainwright, so what shake-ups are coming?

  1. DFA Jordan Hicks
  2. Sending Woodford to Memphis
  3. Make a move with the outfield

The St. Louis Cardinals have their legend Adam Wainwright has been rehabbing the past couple of weeks with the Springfield Cardinals to gear up for his return. With this team needing a major boost from the starting rotation, this return will be a very welcomed one. But the current roster sits at 26 players, and Wilking Rodriguez will also be returning in the near future. Moves will have to be made and here are 3 options John Mozeliak can consider:

DFA Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks has already been demoted to low-leverage situations by Oliver Marmol. His stuff has been all over the place and his 8.31 ERA proves it. His role is non-existent at this point in time and he would be better suited in Memphis to work on his location. Given his service time in the league, he has every right to block the option for a demotion to the minors. This team needs high-leverage relievers and starting pitching, so DFA’ing Jordan Hicks should be heavily considered.

Sending Woodford to Memphis

Jake Woodford had a strong spring training and won his spot in the starting rotation. But just like the 2023 Grapefruit Champions St Louis Cardinals, he has struggled immensely once the regular season started. Currently, he has a -0.1 WAR, 5.47 ERA, and 1.581 WHIP over 24 innings pitched. That is costing the team any opportunity to jump ahead with a lead and keep the lead. Woodford has had success in the long relief position but really made progress as a starter during spring training. The right move is to get him more work in Memphis to establish himself as a reliable starter. 

Make a move with the outfield

The Cardinals finally made a decision on their outfield, sending Jordan Walker to Memphis. But more moves could be coming.

Not every roster move needs to be a 1/1 within the position. This team has way too many outfielders who all deserve regular playing time. Bringing back Waino to provide an additional arm is not a problem for this current team. But sitting Dylan Carlson and Walker multiple times a series is hindering the progression of the young talents. So far it seems that Noot, Burleson, and O’Neill are the three regulars. If Mozeliak can pull it off…….make a trade for a starter?