Cardinals: Nolan Arenado. Slump? Or wrong side of thirty?

St. Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants
St. Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

What should we make of Nolan Arenado's slow start?

  1. Potential Injury
  2. Slumps happen
  3. Wrong side of thirty

The St Louis Cardinals are making their best attempt to move on from the month of April and forget it even happened. The opening series of May vs the Los Angeles Angels is already off to a rough start. Furthermore, many players are individually trying to figure out their issues and get back to their normal production level. None other sticks out more than Nolan Arenado. Is this a slump that he will work out of? Or are we finally coming off the peak and trending downward?

Potential Injury

Fans across all platforms are taking notice of Arenado’s plate approach. He looks lost with every pitch and seems to not have an idea of what is coming. It is so abnormal, that fans are considering that he is playing through an injury and this isn't Nolan slumping. A lingering issue with his hand might play a role in him trying to drive the ball away. Or is there a bigger injury issue going on? 

Slumps happen

Every player goes through slumps. It seems odd that Arenado n is going through one during the first month of the season. But he did spend several weeks away from the team to participate in the World Baseball Classic. Maybe that hindered his routine to be ready for the regular season? All we know is that his Baseball Savant page is mostly blue which is far from ideal. Turner Ward needs to be studying his 2022 film and pick up on major differences that can help get Arenado out of the slump.

Wrong side of thirty

As much as we hate to accept the reality….we might be seeing the downward trend of a Hall of Famers’ career. Arenado has stated he only wants to play until age 38 which is not far away. His speed has declined every year and he is even admitting age is catching up to him. Players adapt and learn how to play with aging bodies. But that usually shows the trend of declining performance throughout the remaining years of their careers. Arenado had the best season of his career last year so it is premature to say he is now on the decline. But the possibility still remains.

Do we need to panic with Nolan Arenado? Well according to him, we are all overrating. Let's kick back and watch more Cardinals Baseball throughout the month of May. The team remains confident and so does Arenado. A lot of baseball is ahead of us, and anything can happen in this weird and beautiful game.