Cardinals News: Frustrations reemerge in series sweep

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Marmol calls out O'Neill for lack of hustle

Tyler O'Neill is known for hustling, running at full speed, and making plays with the greatest of ease. So a perceived lack of effort in rounding third to score in the seventh inning Tuesday and manager Oli Marmol's criticism of it is a bit shocking.

O'Neill pulled up as he rounded third base, which allowed him to be thrown out at home to end the inning and kill off some momentum the Cardinals hoped to gain in a possible comeback effort.

O'Neill has suffered hamstring issues in recent seasons, forcing the slugger to change his workouts and focus more on running and plyometrics. He did this to stay healthy and in action during the season, rather than on the injured list.

According to reporting from's John Denton, Marmol criticized O'Neill's effort saying it isn't the Cardinals' style of play, calling the effort "unacceptable." As conditions were rainy at the time of the play in the game, the media inquired if O'Neill was slowing to avoid injury due to the wet conditions. Marmol countered that this was not a situation in the players' judgment, noting that third base coach Pop Warner is there for a reason. "Your effort's 100 percent until you're told [otherwise]."

Seems a bit harsh from Marmol.

The lack of effort is not usual for O'Neill. He's always hustled which has gotten him injured in the past.

On Wednesday, Marmol doubled down on his criticism of O'Neill, who was not in the starting lineup. Here's a tweet from The Athletic's Katie Woo regarding Marmol's comments on the lineup:

O'Neill noted the unusual criticism from Marmol, and while he disagrees, he doesn't want to be thought of as not hustling.

This is just a terrible look. Marmol addressed O'Neill directly about the issue. That apparently wasn't enough, so he went to the media. O'Neill disagrees. Marmol doubles down. O'Neill still disagrees and wishes it had been handled differently.

Marmol is coming off as petty in this situation. You have to wonder how O'Neill's teammates feel about the situation. Are they put off? Should they have been approached about talking to O'Neill rather than Marmol going to the media?

The issue should have been kept private. Instead, the issue was made public. This should serve as an incentive for a monster breakout for O'Neill. Otherwise, it could bring further frustrations the team doesn't want. With a day off before a three-game set against the Milwaukee Brewers, Marmol, and O'Neill should work things out away from the spotlight. No more drama.