Bill DeWitt III declares the Cardinals are "not likely to add significant payroll"

After a flurry of transactions earlier this offseason, it is reported that the team is likely done making additional moves.
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St. Louis Cardinals' President, Bill DeWitt III, recently spoke with MLB's John Denton and other reporters about the team's plans for the final months of the offseason. In Denton's "Cardinals Beat" Newsletter, he writes about Bill DeWitt III's thoughts on the team's signings this offseason, and Bill DeWitt III stated that the team is likely finished adding through free agency. Should a trade arise in which salaries are evenly swapped, then the team would consider that move so long as it improves the 2024 outlook.

This news may not come as a shock to most fans, but it is depleting. For a team that finished last year with a 71-91 record, fans were pleading ownership to make themselves uncomfortable financially. John Mozeliak did spend nearly $100 million in free agency this offseason with contracts to Lance Lynn, Sonny Gray, and Kyle Gibson, but the payroll will be very similar to last year's payroll.

DeWitt pinned revenue issues on the developing situation with Bally Sports. While other teams such as the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins, both franchises in similar RSN situations to the Cardinals, are cutting costs, at least the Cardinals have spent heavily on the team this offseason.

"With payroll, it has to be thought of in the context of the whole business with all the investments we’re making in other aspects of the product on the field. And then there’s the revenue picture, which frankly is a bit challenging this year relative to last year when you think about what's happening with local [television] media, etc."

Bill DeWitt III

DeWitt did not rule out a trade or a free agent deal that is reasonable, but it is all but guaranteed that the Cardinals are out on high-end pitchers such as Josh Hader, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Jordan Hicks. The team could also trade for a starting pitcher from its positional depth, so long as the money coming in is balanced with the money going out.

It's saddening to hear that the offseason spending is likely finished for the St. Louis Cardinals, but this team is already drastically different from last year's team. John Mozeliak pieced together a competitive roster with the resources he had. We just have to wait and let the games begin to truly see how good this roster can be in 2024.