Bally Sports could be cutting ties with the Cardinals in September 2024

The Regional Sports Network that is responsible for covering the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues is planning on canceling coverage for sports teams late next year.
San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins
San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages

Bally Sports, the now bankrupt broadcasting network, is now rumored to be cutting coverage of sporting events as a part of its larger plan to wind down coverage overall. The St. Louis Cardinals and Blues will feel the effects of this downsizing in September of 2024. Due to bankruptcy claims, Bally Sports and their parent company Diamond Sports will be decreasing their sports coverage over the next calendar year.

Bally Sports Midwest is responsible for broadcasting both the Cardinals and Blues and should the Regional Sports Network (RSN) cease broadcasting in September, most of the Blues' season and the final month of the Cardinals' season will be left high and dry. Both franchises, in conjunction with their respective leagues, will be responsible for finding ways to broadcast their remaining games next year.

There are a variety of ways this issue can be solved. Spectrum has corporate offices in St. Louis. The cable and cell phone company could take on the burden (pleasure) of broadcasting St. Louis sports. Additionally, the Cardinals and Blues could form their own broadcast network, similar to YES Network in New York. An annual subscription to YES Network is $24.99 a month or $239.99 annually. The potential St. Louis broadcast network (Arch Network, maybe) could find a price point around that range. MLS games are broadcast exclusively on Apple TV+, and the XFL has a contract with ABC and ESPN, so those two teams will remain on their own.

Major League Baseball could also provide assistance, at least for the Cardinals. Last year, the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks lost coverage for the second half of their season. MLB jumped in and helped broadcast the games on MLB Network. That would be a temporary solution, but it would still provide an outlet for fans to watch baseball games.

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