A series loss to the White Sox resembles another lost season for the Cardinals

Patience has been the message given to the fanbase. The message given back to the front office has been loud and warranted.
Chicago White Sox v St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago White Sox v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages

Over the weekend, the St. Louis Cardinals discovered what rock bottom is. In their defense, they reached this last year in April, so they are improving. But that is nothing to brag about, this organization is in dire need of change. You can go to ownership and how they put primary focus on "revitalizing downtown" over providing a winning team.

You can go to John Mozeliak and how he has mismanaged yearly budgets and traded away talent that is thriving elsewhere. You can go to Oliver Marmol and the coaching staff who keep getting support from the front office but have not changed the outcomes from the prior season. Whichever direction you think needs to be changed as a fan, you are probably on to something. Because for some odd reason, the passionate Cardinals fanbase and the local media both recognize this organization is stale and noninnovative.

Losing two out of three to the worst team in baseball is awful. Doing that at home in front of this fanbase is inexcusable. We have seen the in game attendance dwindle this season and it is for good cause. Fans do not want to see this product. It is built to be mediocre and keep minimal interest from fans to keep coming to the ballpark all summer long to spend money. In a very inflated economy with prices in entertainment skyrocketing, families can barely even afford to go out to a ballgame anymore. What interest can you generate when other sports teams in the state are outperforming your legacy product that is still relying on past success?

The Cardinals only mustard 4 hits versus a team with the 28th-ranked pitching staff and gave up 5 runs to the team ranked 29th in offense. If the Cardinals want fans to be "patient" and give Mozeliak the "credit he deserves", then lets get serious and win a series that should be an automatic win. The levels of incompetency in the current state of the Cardinals franchise are making the once-icon franchise into a laughing stock. Fans should not be patient, they should be vocal. If the stadium workers hush fans, they should speak with their money. Fans can barely watch games anymore with the disaster that is Bally Sports, so why should we make a trip to St. Louis to just be disappointed?

It is a long season, but that cannot be an excuse. Change needs to happen very soon. Many other franchises are laughing at the upset spoiled Cardinals fanbase because we are finally experiencing what losing is. They are right, but we are also in a different class than they are. This franchise needs to be at the forefront of the league. Where the Cardinals are at today should never be allowed. If nothing happens from ownership to initiate the changes needed, the fans are about to let them know. Enough is enough.