A good, bad, and ugly look into the Cardinals first half

It's been an ugly start to a Cardinals' season with high expectations
Oliver Marmol
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Good: Nolan Arenado's comeback

Arenado had his worst start to a season in April and May. The rest of the team had a similar struggle, so it seemed like another thing going wrong for the Cardinals.

Arenado kept working on his swing and his mechanics. He's stormed back during these midsummer months to kickstart the struggling team to get out of last place. Arenado is slashing.283/.332/.518 with an OPS of .879. He has 17 doubles, two triples, 19 home runs, 43 runs scored, and 62 RBI.

Arenado was recently asked about the Cardinals' struggles and how he feels going into the trade deadline. The one takeaway the national media has from the interview is that Arenado acknowledged anything could happen in the business of baseball. This, in turn, suggests he could be traded. This would be hard to believe given that Arenado has expressed interest in remaining with the Cardinals, even opting to stay in his contract, and the Cardinals see Arenado as a core team member.

It should be fun to see how Arenado's second half goes. Hopefully, he will build off his comeback numbers and lead this team out of the gutter.