7 players Cardinals fans are losing patience with

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Brandon Crawford

Fans were not thrilled when the veteran shortstop was signed to a one-year contract worth $2 million. Crawford joins the Cardinals after a very successful 13 seasons with the San Fransisco Giants.

Mozeliak signed Crawford with the express intent to be a backup shortstop and mentor to Masyn Winn as he develops into the star the team hopes he will be for years. This sounds great for all involved.

Fans, however, have become accustomed to management playing veterans over young stars, creating playing time, development, and confidence issues. Winn has such high potential that no one wants to see the star get deterred.

With Matt Carpenter also taking a roster spot for veteran leadership and currently on a rehab stint in the minor leagues, it will be interesting to see how far into the summer they will remain on the roster together.

Jose Fermin

Fermin was promoted to the Cardinals when Jordan Walker was demoted to the Redbirds. Fermin performed well at Memphis, earning the promotion.

Fermin's arrival also means that Masyn Winn or Nolan Gorman could see a drop in playing time. Winn has seen a drop in playing time due to lower back tightness. Gorman has seen a drop due to inconsistency at the plate. Gorman has started his season off well but has steadily declined. While the players need their breaks, there are better options than Fermin. He performs well at the AAA level, but his skills in the big leagues are not great.

It may be time to give Thomas Saggese a shot. He has a .246 average at Memphis with four home runs, 17 RBIs, and four stolen bases. How nice would it be to have that available for the Cardinals?

Nolan Gorman

Gorman and the Cardinals thought they unlocked what had been ailing the young player. Suffering from tightness in his back, he changed a beloved snack to a healthier option for popcorn made with coconut oil.

While he did trim down, he's having issues at the plate. He can't get a hit. Through 32 games, he's hitting .175/.248/.325 with an OPS of .573. He has five doubles, four home runs, eight runs scored, and 12 RBIs. He has 11 walks but has struck out 42 times.

Gorman was a top-hitting prospect in the organization just two seasons ago. It would not be surprising to see him get demoted or even land on the injured list to work on his hitting more. Gorman is another bat the Cardinals need to get right immediately.