Nolan Gorman making choices to keep popping back into line-up

Nolan Gorman
Nolan Gorman / Elsa/GettyImages

Nolan Gorman hopes that making more clean choices will help him be ready to stay healthy and available to be in the line-up daily for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Gorman was having an outstanding 2023 season before lingering back issues sidelined him. One of the top young prospects in the organization, Gorman was on quite the pace, hitting .236/.328/.478 with 17 doubles, 27 home runs, and 76 RBI.

He decided to make some changes this offseason to help him stay healthy. The significant change was in his favorite snack - popcorn. While he is still munching on the snack while watching his favorite shows, he's making healthier choices. According to John Denton of, "It was replaced with a much healthier version made with coconut oil. The result, [Gorman] said, is that he’s anywhere from eight to 10 pounds lighter, and his oft-troublesome back is feeling better than it has in years."

Gorman said, "I like popcorn, and some brands are made with better oil. I’ve never eaten terribly, but I’m just trying to eat cleaner, more organic foods and knowing what my body needs.”

It's amazing what simple changes, such as choosing a healthier snack, can do for a person. Gorman has had issues with his back, and he chose to have a cleaner snack with a smaller portion, which has helped him slim down. The change should help him keep solid and ready for the everyday grind of baseball in the St. Louis summer months.

For the past couple of seasons, he's struggled with his lower back causing him to be sidelined to regain strength. Gorman's already noticed the difference this choice has made.

How great is that! The weight loss should help his mobility while playing the middle infield, at the plate, and around the basepath. It will also help him get the desired torque to hammer home runs, which he, the Cardinals, and the fans want to see him do more consistently this summer.

Fans see what he can do when he hits for power. It's incredible to see.

Once Gorman gets going, fans must prepare their popcorn for the show he will put on.