6 trade proposals to save the St. Louis Cardinals' offseason

The Cardinals still need to improve this offseason, and these six trades may lift them into World Series contention.
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Cardinals acquire Max Meyer, Marlins acquire Tommy Edman and Sem Robberse

Okay, so this isn't the flashiest name and surely won't thrust the Cardinals into contention, but it's a potential buy-low option with significant promise. After being selected by the Marlins in the first round of the 2020 draft, Meyer flourished in the Minor Leagues earning a spot in the 2021 All-Star Futures Game. Unfortunately, elbow injuries resulting in Tommy John surgery have derailed his career to this point.

Meyer wasn't quite the same after returning from Tommy John surgery in 2023, but at age 24 he could still bounce back and find success quite easily. He made a very brief appearance in the Majors in 2023, allowing 5 earned runs through 6 innings pitched across two outings, but it's still too early to tell how Meyer will fare at the Major League level.

This move wouldn't guarantee a fix to the Cardinals' rotation by any means, as Meyer would profile as the fifth starter or a swingman, but if he lives up to his potential as a once highly touted pitching prospect, he could elevate the rotation to the next level with a much needed cost-controlled option. Moreover, by parting with Tommy Edman who will provide some greatly needed security to the Marlins' defense and lineup, the Cardinals will increase payroll flexibility to add to the bullpen and rotation if they choose.

Miami has such a wealth of pitching that it's unlikely Meyer would fit into their long-term plans given his injury history. By swapping him for a younger Sem Robberse and a platinum glove caliber defender at multiple positions, both teams should win in this trade scenario.