6 fresh trade ideas for the St. Louis Cardinals during trade deadline week

The trade deadline is August 1st, and there are fresh ideas on how the Cardinals can make deals to the club for 2024
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals
New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Happy trade deadline week, St. Louis Cardinals fans! Although the actual deadline is not until August 1st, deals will begin to start happening this week with increased frequency, as teams finally stake their flag in the ground as either buyers, sellers, or doing a bit of both in this market.

Every year, there are names that end up being on the move that will surprise everyone when it happens. Some players who we expect to be moved will not be. So much stuff is set to happen, which is why this is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year.

The Cardinals may be the most interesting team in the entire industry. While they are not trading away their future Hall of Famers or going into a full-on rebuild, there is still some mystery about how much the Cardinals will actually go into sell mode. Their recent stretch of baseball has at least made it possible that they would consider holding some assets, but I still expect many of the selling moves to still go down.

On top of that, the Cardinals are uniquely positioned to acquire pitching talent that may not actually be available to most teams. The Mariners specifically are a team that the Cardinals could strike a deal with, where they would acquire a young pitcher with cost control that is not on the trade block.

Likewise, the pieces it would cost St. Louis are also players they are not looking to sell but may be necessary to include in a deal if they want to get the pitching upgrades they need.

Here are six fresh trade ideas for the Cardinals as we enter trade deadline week