6 encouraging statistics from the Cardinals so far this year

May 23, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; St. Louis Cardinals designated hitter Paul Goldschmidt (left)
May 23, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; St. Louis Cardinals designated hitter Paul Goldschmidt (left) / David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cardinals are playing better baseball of late, and these six statistics are really working in their favor

What a rollercoaster the St. Louis Cardinals' season has been so far. For a few week stretch, even the most optimistic fans and pundits had to wonder if this team could ever turn things around. The pitching has been about as bad as it could possibly have been so far, and the offense was extremely inconsistent for the first five or so weeks of the season.

Lately, the team has really turned things around, specifically from a run-scoring side of things. While the pitching has been virtually the same since the beginning of the season, the offense is now reaching its potential as one of the best units in the game, and arguably even has another level it could hit as the season goes on. While it does not totally mask the starting pitching, it does help out a ton and is the main reason why the Cardinals are winning a lot of games as of late.

These are all anecdotal observations though, based on the eye test when you look at this club. But there are some really informative statistics that should encourage fans as they follow this club for the rest of the season. When you play 162 games of baseball, there can be small stretches where the results may be there for a team, but the underlying statistics say that regression is coming. Other times, a team can be losing games left and right, but the numbers indicate that they should be playing a lot better.

While there are some very worrisome statistics surrounding the Cardinals that we should look at in the near future, these six statistics should be very encouraging for Cardinals fans.