6 Cardinals who are most likely to be traded this offseason

This is a big offseason for the St. Louis Cardinals. Who will they move on from this winter?
Dylan Carlson, St. Louis Cardinals
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Tyler O'Neill will most likely be traded this offseason

After a season in which O'Neill and Marmol clashed over a perceived lack of hustle on the diamond, many Cardinal fans are surprised that O'Neill is still with the team. But, with so many injury concerns and a drop in offense, O'Neill is a more minor trade draw than he once was for the Cardinals.

It was shocking to hear the allegations of not hustling after knowing O'Neill spent much of last offseason working to develop new routines to improve his speed and allow himself to stay healthy and on the field. Once Marmol publicly criticized O'Neill, he wasn't the same player. O'Neill had hoped to keep the allegations between the two men, but that didn't happen, and no other player stood up for him. It was a disappointing moment for the team. And it's doubtful it's something O'Neill forgets even after making the best of his situation once issues with his health improve, and he can produce.

O'Neill is another one of those candidates who could improve with a change in scenery. After such a tumultuous couple of seasons with the Cardinals, he could use time with a club that is straightforward with him and how he will be used. One that he will feel trust in moving forward. If traded, it would be great if O'Neill could net a starting pitcher who could go second or third in the rotation. Even another bat for the lineup would be excellent.

O'Neill was a fun talent to watch during his stretch of netting two Gold Gloves for his play in left field. The season in which he knocked 34 home runs was unreal. The Cardinals have hoped he could replicate the performance, but he hasn't. It's time for a change to benefit the player and the team.