6 Cardinals' prospects who could make their MLB debut in 2024

The Cardinals' prospect depth is much improved. These talented players in the upper levels of the minors could make their debut next year.

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Each new baseball season yields opportunities for baseball players to achieve their goal of making it to the majors. Injuries, trades, underperformance, and overperformance on the part of the prospect all force the team's hand, thus forming an aperture for a player to break through. For these athletes, they've spent their entire lives, sacrificed plenty, and worked hard to get to the majors. A major league debut is nothing to scoff at.

The St. Louis Cardinals had 8 players make their major league debuts in 2023, a decrease from the previous year's total of 13 rookies. Next year, that number will likely fall within that range. In 2022, the Cardinals saw plenty of success, and players such as Brendan Donovan, Nolan Gorman, Andre Pallante, and Zack Thompson were all key players to the 2022 team.

Last year, Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, Luken Baker, and Drew Rom earned their call-ups. Jose Fermin likely made his debut in 2023 out of necessity rather than a deserving promotion. Others, such as Guillermo Zuniga and Kyle Leahy, received looks with the MLB squad due to their salivating stuff.

The St. Louis Cardinals' farm system is quite top-heavy, particularly with pitchers. Gordon Graceffo, Michael McGreevy, Sem Robberse, and Adam Kloffenstein could all be knocking at the door next year. The Cardinals also have their fair share of high-level position players. If all goes well for the team next year, perhaps we may see some of these young studs make their major league debut. Some of these players are top prospects ranked in national lists; others are players who have worked hard and earned a spot thanks in part to their long-tenured service in the minors.

Similar to 2023, I expect next year's prospect total to surpass only 8 players. Additionally, those who make their debuts in St. Louis in 2024 will likely be making their debuts due to their own conduct rather than simply "filling a hole". Pitchers stand to have the best chance, as they can make appearances out of the bullpen at any point only to then be shuttled back down to Memphis or Springfield in a pinch. However, don't shy away from seeing certain position players making their debuts next year.