6 Cardinal players who are poised to take off in 2024

These St. Louis Cardinals players are bound to blossom in 2024.
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Masyn Winn

Masyn Winn is being given every opportunity to take full control of the shortstop position. The top prospect in the Cardinals' system and a top-50 prospect in all of baseball this year, Winn has the prospect pedigree to lead to success next year. Even after the addition of veteran Brandon Crawford, Winn figures to start in as many games as possible at shortstop for the Cardinals barring underperformance.

Masyn Winn has already put on a strong spring showing; his plus-plus arm has been on display, and his tendency to get on base is starting to show. If he can continue heating up in Florida, his lackluster introduction to the highest level of baseball in 2023 can be forgotten. Winn, still only 21, is quite young for this level, so even an average bat will play given his superb defense.

In limited time at the majors last year, Winn showed an ability to not chase or whiff at pitches. This led to his better-than-average strikeout rate (19%). His walk rate was below average, but he showed improvement in patience between the 2022 and 2023 minor league seasons. His stolen base potential is also enticing given his plus speed.

Winn's health isn't a concern anymore this offseason after some back pains, so he is full-speed ahead for the remainder of the spring circuit. ZiPS projects Winn to slash .243/.301/.374 for an OPS+ of 88. Despite these pedestrian offensive statistics, he is still projected to accumulate 2.4 fWAR. If Winn can get on base more via walks and boost his power numbers slightly from those projections, we could see a 3-WAR season from the rookie shortstop.

Masyn Winn's defensive highlights will be electric enough to make him one of the most-watched players next year. If he can tap into the offensive potential that he showed across his minor league seasons, Winn can be poised for a season in which he receives Rookie of the Year votes.