5 ways the Cardinals can embarrass themselves further this offseason

2023 was an embarrassment for the Cardinals organization. If they're not careful, 2024 might be more of the same...

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Number 4: Keeping Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson

At the 2022 Trade Deadline, both Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson drew significant interest. However, the Cardinals deemed their values to be too low and did not part with either outfielder. Unfortunately, O'Neill did not play well and Carlson was injured for most of the stretch. This offseason, the Cardinals will be faced with even more tough decisions surrounding these two talents and they should not keep both of them.

The Cardinals' current outfield mix consists of Lars Nootbaar, Jordan Walker, Brendan Donovan, Tommy Edman, Alec Burleson, Richie Palacios, Tyler O'Neill, and Dylan Carlson. That's just too many to keep all of them. With electric center field talent Victor Scott II waiting in the Minor Leagues, the outfield is much too crowded and the Cardinals need to part with a few names.

Sure, Tommy Edman may find himself traded as he is viewed as one of the more valuable Cardinals' position players, but Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson have run out of chances in St. Louis. Even if their value is low, the Cardinals cannot afford to give them more opportunities in the outfield. Donovan, Nootbaar, and Walker starting with Palacios and Burleson as depth would be the optimal group. Giving plate appearances to O'Neill and Carlson off the bench would not make much sense, as both will be arbitration-eligible. Moving on from them is the best choice.

Unlike Adolis Garcia and Randy Arozarena who were let go before getting legitimate Major League opportunities, O'Neill and Carlson have proven they don't fit on the Cardinals roster. With a severe lack of pitching, they need to be the first two outfielders shipped off as the team tries to bolster the staff.