5 trade packages for the St. Louis Cardinals rumored trade targets

Here are five trade packages for the Cardinals' rumored trade targets
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The St. Louis Cardinals have a busy trade deadline ahead of them, and there are already some names popping up that are being linked to this club at this deadline.

In a recent story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Derrick Goold, he linked the Cardinals to three starting pitchers - Mariners' Logan Gilbert, Yankees' Clayton Beeter, and White Sox's Lance Lynn.

I began to touch on each of these names the other day when they were first reported. Each starter would come at a different price point for St. Louis, and all three have club control beyond the 2023 season.

Logan Gilbert would be the most expensive of the bunch in terms of trade capital, surely requiring at least one of the Cardinals' best young bats. He does have a very high upside though and has already proven for multiple seasons that he belongs at the big league level.

Clayton Beeter is an intriguing prospect in the Yankees farm system but interestingly is only their number thirteen prospect according to MLB.com. Beeter feels like a very realistic target for St. Louis, and his strikeout stuff could break out in a huge way for them.

Lance Lynn is familiar to Cardinals fans from his time in St. Louis years ago and has had a dreadful season with the White Sox. His strikeout stuff is still top tier though, making him a very interesting trade candidate.

What could it take to acquire each of these arms in a trade? That's what I want to dive into with this story, and I added a fourth arm to the mix that I could see the Cardinals looking at as well.

Here are five trade ideas for the starters linked to the Cardinals