5 risers (and 5 fallers) among the St. Louis Cardinals' top 30 prospects

MLB Pipeline updates its prospect lists, both overall and organizational, a few times each year. The most recent update, which came on August 10th, showed dramatic changes within the Cardinals system.
Victor Scott II steals second at the 2023 All-Star Futures Game
Victor Scott II steals second at the 2023 All-Star Futures Game / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Victor Scott II - Up 21 Spots

Scott II jumped from 25th to 4th! Suffice it to say, it has been an electric season for the former 5th-round pick. After being taken in the 2022 draft, Scott II immediately displayed his speed and his plate discipline. He left no doubt that those tools would translate to the professional level. However, this season he has completely outdone himself. His numbers are up across the board, and at just 22, he's already dominating AA ball. His Futures Game appearance gained him even more notoriety. Scott II could see the big leagues by the end of next season!

Scott II's speed, which received the maximum grade possible, is somehow even more impressive. In 98 games, he has 74 stolen bases. He's also raising eyebrows in center, with some evaluators believing he could win a gold glove there someday. A play with elite speed and defense can probably get away with some offensive shortcomings, but Scott II is building a complete profile. He's hitting .338 in AA, with an on-base percentage near .400. With his speed, a single often equals a double.

The only hole in his profile is his power tool, which grades out as below average. However, as previously mentioned, elite speed can make up for that, provided he's hitting with the bases empty. He may just be the most exciting leadoff hitter the Cardinals have had in decades! Prepare for the Scott era, because it begins soon!

Our site expert, Josh Jacobs, had Victor Scott II on his podcast "Redbird Rundown" recently. You can check out the interview on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts here.