Getting to Know the Cardinals' MLB Futures Game Prospects

Two of the Cardinals' prospects were announced to be playing in the Futures' Game during this year's All-Star Break. Let's find out more about these two rising stars.
St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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Victor Scott II

Victor Scott II is the 25th-ranked prospect in the Cardinals' system. He is currently 22 years old and is playing in A+. Scott was drafted in the fifth round of the 2022 draft, so he seems to be right on track for progression through the minors.

Scott is most known for his speed and defense; he continually leads the league in sprint speed numbers. He should be able to handle centerfield quite well at any level. The issue comes with his bat. Currently, he has a slash line of .282/.365/.399 for an OPS of .763. He has struck out 52 times to 28 walks.

Low walk rates have been a bit of a problem with him, but his pop helps make up for this slightly. He has a max EV of 107.6 MPH in the FSL with an uppercut swing. Being left-handed also helps his case to play well, as he should fare well against right-handed pitchers.'s profile puts it nicely when discussing his ceiling both offensively and defensively.

"Scott just has to hit enough to be a carriable bat as a fourth outfielder because the other skills should play."


Tink Hence may see action early in the game, but Victor Scott II should come in late in the game. Enjoy watching them shine on a national stage! Between these two players, Masyn Winn, Gordon Graceffo, and Ivan Herrera, the future of the Cardinals looks pretty bright!

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