5 questions after Cardinals series loss to Mariners

Jack Flaherty
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How great has Nolan Gorman's start been?

It seems safe to say that the version of Nolan Gorman we are seeing this season, is the one we hoped we would get last season. It's better late than never as this has been incredibly fun to see him flourish.

The home run Sunday was Gorman's sixth of the season. He is leading the team in that statistic. So impressive! On Saturday, he hit a double in the third inning, to score Willson Contreras.

Gorman seems more confident at the plate this season which is a key to why we should see him continue to shine and come up big for the Cardinals more.

How great will it be see the team put everything together, consistently?

Sunday's game shows what the Cardinals are capable of when they are locked in and playing their brand of baseball: when they don't get rattled and when they are getting timely hits. And when the pitching is sharp. Even when the team may have been discouraged, they could pull it together and lock back in. This has been something they have struggled to do to start this season off. That they could do this after so much adversity to start the road trip bodes well that the team can build off what they accomplished Sunday.

They took a happy flight to San Fransisco, where they will take on the Giants over the next four days before heading to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers to end the long road trip. The Cardinals looked good to end the Seattle series, and it's something the team should be proud to build on.

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