5 potential trade destinations for Cardinals' Steven Matz

Recent reports have indicated that the St. Louis Cardinals may trade their left-handed starting pitcher Steven Matz.
St. Louis Cardinals v Kansas City Royals
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New York Yankees

Once again, the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals are potential trade partners. Both local and national reporters have indicated that these two teams could make a mutually beneficial trade with each other. The Yankees have plenty of pitchers to offer the Cardinals, and the Cardinals can send any of their young outfielders back in exchange.

If St. Louis pairs Steven Matz with any one of Dylan Carlson, Tyler O'Neill, or Alec Burleson, the Yankees could send back Clayton Beeter, Clarke Schmidt, or even Nestor Cortes Jr. New York may ask for some cash to be exchanged as well, but St. Louis could manage that in order to get a high-end pitching prospect or an MLB-ready talent back.

The Yankees will receive a strong outfielder in exchange. O'Neill or Carlson could play center capably, and Burleson and O'Neill both provide above-average bats. Burleson and Carlson have plenty of team control left as well.

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox's new general manager Chris Getz seems intent on making the roster his own this year. However, he still needs to field a legitimate team. The White Sox need some pitching depth behind Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech, and Steven Matz could provide just that. Conversely, the Cardinals could coax the White Sox out of keeping their resident ace in Cease.

Steven Matz will make $11 million next year, and Dylan Cease is projected to receive around $9 million through arbitration. Those two salaries practically offset each other. St. Louis would need to sweeten the deal and could send over one of their pitching prospects such as Matthew Liberatore, Gordon Graceffo, or Michael McGreevy. Chicago is also looking for a second baseman, so Brendan Donovan would make the trade even more appealing.

Chicago would practically enter a full reset with this trade, but they'll receive a serviceable starting pitcher, a prospect with the potential to be a depth starter, and a defensively versatile left-handed batter with many years left of control.