5 players the St. Louis Cardinals did dirty during the 2023 season

The Cardinals' season is over, but that doesn't take them off the hook for the way they treated these five players.

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals / Joe Puetz/GettyImages
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It's been a long and miserable year for the Cardinals, but it's finally over. With yesterday's 4-3 comeback win over the Reds, the Cardinals finished the season at 71-91, in last place in the NL Central.

Adam Wainwright is now retired, and it's time to focus on 2024. But now is still a good time to look back on 2023 and assess what went wrong and what the Cardinals can do better next year.

There are several players that got the short end of the stick this year for various reasons. This season was in many ways, a PR disaster. There was a ton of controversy at various points in the season, either stirred by comments from manager Oli Marmol or comments and actions from the front office.

Fortunately, the worst Cardinals season since 1995 has finally come to an end, but it's been a roller coaster of a season for sure, and a lot of things went wrong.

The Cards were widely expected to win the NL Central at the start of the season, but the pitching fell apart and the season went off the rails.

The controversy off the field also added to the disappointment of the 2023 season. The Cardinals' treatment of certain players was unwarranted and unfair and it cast a shadow over what they had hoped would be another successful season.

In this piece, we will take a look at three players the Cardinals did dirty this season and how it ultimately soured the 2023 season.