5 of the past decade's most lovable Cardinals personalities

These five St. Louis Cardinals are blessed with personalities that transcend baseball and have made them fan favorites.
Kansas City Royals v St. Louis Cardinals
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The clubhouse of the St. Louis Cardinals looks to be in a good spot this season after apparently being in shambles in 2023, and President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak stressed the need for more leadership entering this year. To that end, he brought in Matt Carpenter and Brandon Crawford as players and Daniel Descalso as a bench coach, and players have complimented the presence and leadership that the veterans have provided thus far in 2024.

Manager Oli Marmol said in 2023 that the Cardinals needed to "weed out" those who prioritized themselves over the team. Exactly who those players were is mostly speculation, but with Jack Flaherty and Tyler O'Neill the sources of some controversy over the past few seasons, it's likely not a coincidence that the Cardinals let go of them before beginning the 2024 season.

A team's record shouldn't be understated as a reason for a clubhouse's morale, either. The Cardinals in 2024 are far superior to their 2023 iteration, and members of a winning team will obviously be more loose and relaxed than those who play for a basement dweller.

There's no doubt that leadership is required for a clubhouse to coalesce, but what's also needed are players who keep the team in good spirits. Baseball is a grueling marathon, and in a 162-game season, it's imperative that someone be there to help clubhouses remain loose.

Several members of recent Cardinals teams have possessed the ability to keep an atmosphere relaxed, and they've also appealed to fans of the team. These five Cardinals were among the easiest to root for thanks to their personalities.